Nitric Acid

  • DFPCL manufactures various grades of nitric acid, which can be classified based on various concentrations, majorly named as– CNA, DNA and SNA and sells to customers in end-user industries like specialty chemicals, steel, explosives etc.
  • Concentrated nitric acid – CNA, is nitric acid with 98.2% and above the concentration of nitric acid and is transported in tanker load.
  • Dilute nitric acid  – DNA is 60% nitric acid and is sold in tanker load in the domestic market and in HDPE drums and carboys in export markets
  • DFPCL has its existing capacity to produce 138,600 MTPA of Conc. Nitric Acid and 702,900 MTPA of Dilute Nitric Acid.
  • For Nitric Acid, the company also has it recently commenced new production capacity at Dahej. Dahej plant has CNA manufacturing capacity of 92,400 MTPA and DNA manufacturing capacity at 148,500 MTPA.
  • Strong nitric acid – SNA is available in two concentrations 68% and 72%. 72% nitric acid is available in only tanker load for sale in the domestic market; Whereas 68% is sold in tanker load in the domestic market and sold in HDPE
  • To cater to the demand for nitric acid from the electronics industry, DFPCL has developed new grade of nitric acid called Electronic grade nitric acid (EGNA). The company provides EGNA with a concentration in the range of 65-to-70%. Nitric acid finds applications in solar and electronics industry in texturing and cleaning processes of silicon wafers.